WE Chill Out

Therapeutic skills group for adolescents to build their toolkit of self-regulation skills. Group forming now...

A space to gather, to learn, and to grow.





Professional Training

& Networking 

​We offer a wide range of professional training facilitated by specialists in body-centered psychotherapy, yoga-based psychotherapy and a number of other mind-body modalities.

​​Chicago Bodymind

Wellness Studio

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Yoga for Managing Your Mood

Trauma-sensitive yoga for working with anxiety and depression. 8 week series...

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Classes, Workshops and Therapeutic Groups

​We have an amazing schedule of stress-relieving workshops for individuals and training opportunities for professionals looking to integrate a mind/body approach.



Workshops are available for kids, teens and adults seeking help with trauma, anxiety or depression as well as for professionals seeking to incorporate a holistic, trauma-sensitive approach into their work.

Professional Training

Holistic & Somatic


When you work with the therapists at Chicago BodyMind Wellness, you're not restricted to just talk therapy. You learn ways of regulating your emotions and reactions in the body, where they actually  happen.