A Mindful Recovery Group

Saturdays, 4:00 pm

Starts November 11, 2017

No fee

Facilitated by: Monica Simonson

A mindfulness-based alcohol and drug addiction recovery group for individuals interested in establishing and/or strengthening a personalized recovery program. Move from feeling "stuck" to feeling more peaceful and functional. Group participants will: incorporate mindfulness into everyday life, practice meditation techniques, identify triggers and vulnerabilities, self-identify goals, strengthen coping skills, and process ups and downs in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Please contact Monica for more information: (773) 710-0848 or info@cbwstudio.com.

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Getting to Know Your Pelvis Through Yoga (Yoga and Pelvic Health)

Not currently scheduled. If you'd like to  host this workshop, please contact Francine

Taught by: Francine Kelley

Did you know that core strength means a lot more than 6-pack abs? Can you name the bones that make up your pelvic girdle (did you even know you had a "pelvic girdle?"). Do you know which of the structures in the pelvic floor has the most nerve endings? Do you know how to drastically reduce your likelihood of developing incontinence?

If you have issues with pelvic pain, IBS, menstrual cramps, incontinence, or even chronic back pain, this workshop might be helpful for you. If you just want to know more abut your pelvic anatomy for future reference, that's great too! We will look at the anatomy & physiology of the female pelvis and pelvic floor, discuss some of the common issues/problems, and check in with locating & learning exercises to both strengthen & release our own pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles.  Since the pelvic floor is an integral part of our stress response, we will also discuss how the PF participates in nervous system activation (anxiety) and learn some tools for recognizing our anxiety patterns and releasing stress from body. Finally, we will work with the first three chakras and also explore how awareness of the pelvis and deep abdominal muscles can influence our yoga practice.  

Classes, Workshops and Therapy Groups

WE Chill Out

10 weekly sessions

Cost: $50/BCBS insurance accepted 

Facilitated by: Monica Simonson

We Chill Out is a 10-week adolescent coping skills group for youth 14-17. This group focuses on bringing youth into the ‘driver’s seat’ of their own nervous systems by creating a tool belt of methods for self regulation. Weekly counseling sessions will focus on:

  • Recognizing patterns of reactiveness and learning to shift to those of responding
  • Gaining tools of self-soothing and settling around life's curve balls.
  •  Techniques for dealing with emotions without ending up on the roller-coaster of overwhem
  • Communication strategies including building social support and resolving life's expected conflicts

The group is forming now. Please contact Monica Simonson for more information: (773) 710-0848 or info@cbwstudio.com.

(773) 609-0345