Yoga of Recovery (8 week series) 

Fridays beginning April 5, 2019 6:30-8PM

Fee: 8 weeks $80, Single class $10

*No-one will be turned away for financial hardship

Facilitated by: Francine Kelley,  LCPC, SEP, E-RYT/RYT500

This 8-week series is based on the Yoga of Recovery program.  It is open to anyone looking to overcome self-destructive or addictive tendencies. We will practice yogic physical exercises – asanas (suitable for all levels) along with Pranayama (breathing exercises) and conscious relaxation. All this helps to develop not only the body, but also to broaden the mental faculties and spiritual capacities. Yoga exercises improve the health of the spine and aid the proper function of the internal organs. They also work on the nervous system and the endocrine system (glands and hormones) therefore restoring health and balance to the entire system.

This series is suitable for all levels. You'll be asked to fill out a questionnaire upon registering for the workshop. Registration is limited to 8 participants.

Alcohol/chemically dependent participants should have at least three months (90 days) of continuous sobriety.

For more info,  contact Francine at

Relationship Detox

June 29, 2019 2PM-4PM

Fee: $45

Facilitated by: Elmo Painter

Our relationships define us. The people we love and spend time with change us. They can grow us, inspiring us to become more of who we are. Sometimes they lend themselves to our spiritual, emotional, and personal stagnation.

In this workshop, you will learn about your attachment style, how to change it if desired, assertive communication (not passive or aggressive), how to utilize your *inner bell* to read red flags, weed out stagnant or otherwise unhealthy relationships, and nourish those relationships that give us life.

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Relationship Detox

Emotional Mindfulness Workshop

Future dates TBD

Fee: $30

Facilitated by: Elmo Painter

This workshop, led by Elmo Painter, LPC, will combine mindfulness and Somatic Experiencing techniques to tend to the body as a container for the emotional self. The intention is to allow people to get to know their emotions, release old pain and resentments, get in touch with their intuition, release unwanted patterns, and utilize the power of their emotional resources.

We will utilize muscle tension and relaxation techniques, healing self-touch, stretching, emotional mindfulness, gentle movement, and a heaping dose of self-compassion. 

The workshop will start with a check-in, followed by a guided body-awareness and emotional-body-awareness meditation. Elmo is a firm believer in the collective unconscious, and unspoken reasons that certain people step into the same room at the same time. The intentions will depend on what has been brought up during check-in. The workshop will end with another check-in and grounding, centering, and shielding to prepare us to walk out the door feeling safe. 

All workshops and classes held at Chicago BodyMind Wellness Studio unless specified - 3525 W Peterson Avenue,  Suite 605, Chicago, IL 60659

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