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Introduction to Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Fee: $75 (includes 3 CEs)

Facilitated by: Francine Kelley and Livia Budrys

Yoga is a many-thousand year old practice designed to enhance the unity of body and mind. While many people think of yoga as an exercise routine that helps people to relax, there is actually a complex science underlying the practices that aid in developing mind, body and spirit.

In this 3-hour workshop, Francine and Livia will introduce the principles of Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy including the yogic understanding of the nervous system, as well as the use of breathing practices and other techniques that don't require your client to be on a yoga mat or in a yoga class.  

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Professional Training and Networking

Introduction to Body-Centered (Somatic) Psychotherapy

Friday May 31, 2019 9am-1pm

Fee: $100 (includes 4 CEs)

Facilitated by: Francine Kelley

The field of somatic psychotherapy is gaining popularity with prospective clients as people seek effective and active methods for having control over their symptoms of anxiety, depression and trauma. While the mind is always important in any psychotherapeutic process, including the body gives both therapists and clients the ability to develop tools for working with patterns at a much deeper level than cognition.

While there are multiple modalities available for therapists interested in including the body in their work, this workshop will give a general overview of body-psychotherapy and introduce Somatic Experiencing and Yoga as body-centered approaches to working with trauma, anxiety and depression.

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