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Tuesdays 7:00-8:30pm

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$100/4-week series

Instructor: Francine Kelley

​Believe it or not, yoga is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. When you're feeling anxious, sometimes a calm practice is not what's required, you actually need to move. And when you're feeling depressed, Sun Salutations may seem like just too much.

LifeForce Yoga was developed by Amy Weintraub as a gentle and effective system for working to balance our depressed or anxious moods. This workshop series will help you to understand how the nervous system works and why your body reacts the way it does. You will learn skills for working with either state, anxious or depressed (or even when they happen at the same time).  The series is trauma-sensitive and  focused on mindful self-awareness; yoga poses that help to gently strengthen legs, arms and core; and yoga techniques to help to meet the body where it is and then transition to a more balanced state.

If you've heard yoga would be good for you but are hesitant to attend a traditional yoga class due to your trauma history, or negative past experiences, we'd welcome you to try this series.   

Because yoga can bring up emotional material we ask that you have an individual therapist or trusted support person who can process with you, should such processing be needed. 

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Yoga for Your Mood