Balance & Restore Yoga

Wednesdays 7:30pm-8:45pm
January 22nd - March 11th (eight week series)
Fee: $175 for pre-registration ($22 per class) or $26 per drop-in class

Facilitated by: Stefanie Dominik

We thrive when we can flow between states of invigoration and relaxation. But experiences like trauma, anxiety, or depression often leave our systems feeling stuck and out of balance.

This therapeutic, trauma-sensitive yoga class is designed to help restore balance to your mind, heart and nervous system. You’ll be guided through beginner friendly asana (yoga movement), meditation, and pranayama (breathing practices.) All levels of experience welcome! Yoga mats will be provided.

Space is limited. Please register online or contact Stefanie at prior to attending your first class in order to ensure availability.

Boost Your Bae Compass

Emotional Mindfulness Workshop

Future dates TBD

Fee: $30

Facilitated by: Elmo Painter

This workshop, led by Elmo Painter, LPC, will combine mindfulness and Somatic Experiencing techniques to tend to the body as a container for the emotional self. The intention is to allow people to get to know their emotions, release old pain and resentments, get in touch with their intuition, release unwanted patterns, and utilize the power of their emotional resources.

We will utilize muscle tension and relaxation techniques, healing self-touch, stretching, emotional mindfulness, gentle movement, and a heaping dose of self-compassion. 

The workshop will start with a check-in, followed by a guided body-awareness and emotional-body-awareness meditation. Elmo is a firm believer in the collective unconscious, and unspoken reasons that certain people step into the same room at the same time. The intentions will depend on what has been brought up during check-in. The workshop will end with another check-in and grounding, centering, and shielding to prepare us to walk out the door feeling safe. 

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Integrative Trauma Recovery Group

Group forming now - starting in the fall

Tuesdays 6:30-8PM

Fee: $50/week, BCBS PPO accepted

Facilitated by: Francine Kelley and Anita Mandley

The ITR Group is a 24-week skills training group for trauma survivors who are already working with an individual therapist. Developed by Francine Kelley and Anita Mandley at the Center for Contextual Change, the group includes psychoeducation about trauma, as well as helpful perspectives and skills from Yoga, Somatic Experiencing and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. The group curriculum is carefully designed to minimize overwhelm and help attendees build a sense of competency in managing their own emotional states.

An individual intake session with Francine is required prior to joining. BCBS PPO accepted or $50/week. Meeting day and time will be Tuesday evenings 6:30-8pm. 

For more information or to schedule an intake, contact Francine Kelley at

New Year’s Yoga and Intention Setting

Saturday January 11th noon-2pm
Fee: $25 for pre-registration/$30 at the door

Facilitated by: Stefanie Dominik

Explore the yogic practice of sankalpa (intention) and how it can support your healing and self-development goals. Through a gentle yoga practice, guided meditation, and reflective journaling, we'll clear and attune our energy for the year ahead.

Participants are encouraged to bring a notebook. Yoga mats will be provided.

All workshops and classes held at Chicago BodyMind Wellness Studio unless specified - 3525 W Peterson Avenue,  Suite 605, Chicago, IL 60659

Classes, Workshops, and Therapy Groups

Boost Your Bae Compass

Saturday, February 8th 1-3PM

Fee: $25/person

Facilitated by: Elmo Painter

Elmo and Zeuben lead a series of discussions and activities to strengthen intimacy, communication, play, and trust in intimate relationships. Participants will discuss the largest obstacles to intimate connection and practice their antidotes.

This workshop is open to monogamous, non-monogamous, and intimate partnerships/friendships of any gender combination of two or more.

New Year's Yoga and Intention Setting
Balance and Restore Yoga

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