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Stefanie Dominik I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Yoga Teacher offering holistic psychotherapy.  

I believe that together, we can clear a path for you to experience life with vitality and peace. I hold a secure, nonjudgmental, and restorative space in therapy sessions. My approach emphasizes mind/body/spirit holism and pulls from understandings of neurobiology, yoga, evidence-based treatment methods, and frameworks of anti-oppression and non-violence.

I have training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, a therapeutic modality that engages the body to heal unresolved trauma, stress, and emotional pain. Based on your interests, sessions with me may include gentle yoga asana (movement), meditation, breathwork, mindful visualization, and/or creative expression. Recognizing that therapy is not one size fits all, I tailor my sessions to each individual I work with. We'll collaborate to determine how you'd like your therapy process to look and feel. Absolutely no prior experience with yoga or bodywork is required or expected.

I hold a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Chicago and have trained at the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute. My areas of experience include trauma, addiction, relationship/family concerns, anxiety, depression, identity and self-esteem concerns, and work/life stress.

Susan Auman, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Somatic Experiencing (SE) Practitioner and Professor of Social Work at Northeastern Illinois University.

I believe that we humans heal in the context of relationship and that therapy is the process in which we find our way to our whole selves. In the therapy room, I join with clients to co-create their unique path to wholeness by realizing their inherent strengths and utilizing them to developing a 'tool belt' of strategies for which to work through life's struggles. Together we orient to the client's inherent capacity to gain mastery of their own functioning from the lens of their truth.

I am a relational body-centered, somatic psychotherapist specializing in the resolution of overwhelming life events and trauma. I work from the perspective that the mind and body function most effectively when guided to do so in tandem.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 15+ years of experience, I work with people of all ages and all walks of life. I speak Italian fluently and have an intermediate grasp of Spanish.

Availability: I am taking new clients. I am available for workshops, presentations or in-services regarding SE, Hakomi, and body-centered therapy for teens and adolescents

Francine Kelley, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Somatic Experiencing (SE) Practitioner, SE Training Assistant and SE Basics Workshop Presenter. She is also an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher.

My goal when working with clients is that they gain the self-understanding and skills to feel that they don't need me anymore. My approach is collaborative, light-hearted and non-judgmental.

Clients frequently remark that after working with me they have a better understanding of the biological reasons for their symptoms and are better able to do something when triggers or heightened emotions threaten to hijack them. As someone who has personally benefited from body-centered therapy, I am passionate about sharing this awareness with clients and also with other practitioners. 

Availability: I have some daytime appointments available for psychotherapy. I'm available for SE Student sessions and for workshops, presentations, or in-services regarding SE, yoga psychotherapy, body-centered psychotherapy or somatic self-care.

2019 Internship

Andrea Lietz I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker whose approach to therapy is relational, collaborative, strengths-based and somatically oriented.

I enjoy meeting clients and bearing witness to their stories, struggles and the connections they make. I love when clients make meaning of the challenges they've faced and form new pathways that can serve them now and in the future. My goal when working with clients is to co-create a safe space where a relationship of trust and openness can be established and clients can feel valued and able to connect with themselves. I believe that in a safe and supportive environment, vulnerability can be transformational. I have been on my own journey of healing and wellness and have experienced the benefits of this hard work. 

I earned my Master of Social Work from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. My experience has centered around supporting a wide variety of people and families experiencing long term illness, medical trauma, death and dying, anxiety, adjustment to parenthood, postpartum depression, caregiving and life transitions. I have experience working in a medical setting, where I witnessed the need for individuals and families to have ongoing support and opportunities to be heard and understood. I can be reached by calling 773-893-0962.  

Elmo Painter  I offer Body-centered Psychotherapy in Chicago, IL. Please contact me for help reaching your inner voice, living authentically, and having courageous relationships with yourself and others. I would love to help you live your most creative life-whether that is in the arts, business, relationships, personal expression, or life planning and experiencing. To do that, I will work to provide space and opportunity for you to learn to live life from a place of internal evaluation. I specialize in helping people process and work with post-traumatic stress, shame, anxiety, relationship issues, shadow work, sensual empowerment, and gender exploration.

I am trained in Somatic Experiencing and have integrated Somatic Experiencing into my work. My role is to facilitate your ability to live creatively and authentically, to help you better understand and listen to your emotions, and to help you engage in life with curiosity, openness, and awareness.

My passion is to ethically and compassionately support people from the queer, bisexual, pansexual, lesbian, gay, asexual/demisexual, Kink/BDSM, polyamorous/non-monogamous communities. I am aware of issues that effect trans communities and seek to serve people of all genders.

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Emily Long I am currently pursing a Master's Degree in Social Work from NEIU. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work as well as an Associate's Degree in Generalist Social Work. In my work with clients, my passion lies in approaching individuals through a trauma-informed lens and I believe true healing is an "inside job." My goal is to guide clients in mending emotional wounds that may not have been properly repaired. I have experience in helping those with co-occurring disorders such as substance use, eating disorders, PTSD, mood disorders and related traumas. I believe in treating the whole person because humans are more than a diagnosis. 

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